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The Future of Exploration in Africa and Data Integrity

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

On 23 August 2018, Marcia van Aswegen, Datamine SABLE®'s Business Lead was invited to present a talk on Geoscientific Data Integrity at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

Van Aswegen gave her presentation to group of post-graduate geologists with some years of experience in the mining industry and currently enrolled in Rhodes University’s MSc Program in Exploration Geology. Additionally, Marcia was asked to contribute to the financial module of the MSc Programme.

As these students are the future of exploration in Africa, they must be well-informed about the value of geological data and the role it plays within the business context.

The importance of data integrity can’t be understated. It’s required to build confidence in geoscientific data. In a nutshell, data integrity ensures that data conforms to certain rules and conventions which ensure it’s understood and can be passed on to successive generations of geologists who will, likely, later be involved in analysing it.

Confidence in the primary data affects the classification of mineral bodies in terms of the economic valuation of resources and reserves.

The benefits of implementing practices like those mentioned in the Geoscientific Data Integrity presentation include usable, quality data for projects, sites and nations. As this data forms the basis for resources and reserves which are economically compliant, this a necessary requirement to attract investment needed to develop and grow the mining industry.


Currently, Datamine Africa targets delegates from around the continent for workshops, seminars and other educational events that focus on our product offering in this region.

Marcia van Aswegen is a graduate of Rhodes University. She completed a BSc majoring in Computer Science and Geology. Since then, she has authored and published six versions of SABLE®. Professor Jock Harmer, Professor of Exploration Geology at Rhodes, headed up a project which used SABLE® during its exploration phase.

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