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Datamine SABLE® Hosts MRREC Beijing

SABLE® Business Lead Marcia van Aswegen presented alongside members of the Datamine Africa office during a sponsored event for a high-ranking delegation from Beijing, China on the 30th of October 2018.

Datamine Africa sponsored the full day event, which was one of several, hosted in partnership with South Africa’s Samcodes Standards Committee (SCC).

While the focus of the event was to give an understanding of the role of the code in assessing capital markets, the delegation also got an introduction to how Datamine’s Software can be used during the entire mine planning process.

Each session covered a different aspect of this, including a quick company overview presented by Business Lead Marius van Niekerk; the importance of Geoscientific Data Integrity presented by Datamine SABLE Lead Marcia van Aswegen; Mineral Resource Classification and Advanced Estimation Techniques presented by Hennie Coetzee and Dr Benny Chisonga respectively; as well as presentations on Resource to Reserve Conversion for both Underground and Open Pit Mines lead by John Guy Taylor from Minequest and Paula Hopp, the Regional Solution Lead for Open Pit.

While language could have been a barrier to the success of the event, each session ended with engaging discussions and questions from both the Chinese Delegation and Datamine Staff, facilitated through simultaneous translation.

The Chinese Delegation included members from the Mineral Resources and Reserves Evaluation Centre of the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources (MRREC) who were in South Africa as part of a three-week training course to study the country’s mineral codes.

China is about to join the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO) as their 14th member. As South Africa is a founding member of CRIRSCO, the country has considerable influence on the direction and intent of global reporting standards in the mining industry.

It was certainly fitting the delegation had the opportunity to learn from members with over 25-years of experience and to see, first-hand why Datamine is a world-leading software provider.

Check out some pictures from the event in our gallery below


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