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Datamine Africa acquires SABLE®

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

In the second quarter of 2018, Datamine Africa added a new product to its catalogue through the acquisition of SABLE®.

SABLE® is an acronym for Standardised Approach to Borehole Logging for Exploration and has become a trade mark for a methodology used by large producing mines for over thirty years.

The product which caters to geologist and geotechnical engineers involved in mineral exploration projects and producing mines combines geological, mining and software ‘know-how’ and IP into trusted methods that produce a reliable database containing useable data which has integrity.

The acquisition of SABLE® by Datamine means continued growth for the company with the addition of this solution to its portfolio. It also gives further exposure to Datamine in the Africa region and allows the company to extend its customer base.

SABLE® ensures the successful delivery of data integrity and quality assurance through its 3-tiered promise.

This includes the SABLE® Project Definition (SPD) which is a customisable schema of data structures, conventions, validations and scripts; the 'data standard' and the continuous improvement of our system.

Originally developed by Marcia van Aswegen in the 1980’s, the product has gone through various iterations.

The latest version SABLE® 7, offers custom modules for a variety of devices including Android, iOs and Microsoft, which are under development.

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