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Investors demand reliable data and SABLE® provides this by bringing auditability and transparency to the data sets used to predict mineral resources and reserves. SABLE® provides governance for data management procedures as well as data security required by mineral reporting codes.


SABLE® services focus on support of the product and its applications to ensure quality data. Quality assurance and quality control procedures of the various data sets in our warehouse provide the auditability, transparency and compliance required by international mineral reporting codes.


SABLE® SaaS offering:

Our clients can select and combine SABLE® software ‘bundled packages’ to obtain the services which suit their particular requirements for defined periods or projects. 




SABLE® Software consists of a suite of applications integrated through a customised data standard that holds data structures, conventions, definitions and look up dictionaries. Our software provides governance for data management procedures and data security required by mineral reporting codes.



SABLE® offers a range of user training programs to assist our clients in making the most of our product. Using the knowledge of our experienced consultants, these programs deliver maximum results to improve your mining operations know-how. These programs are offered at Introductory, Experienced and Advanced training levels



SABLE® Consulting covers the implementation and configuration of our software to perform enhancements and upgrades to the client system; introductory, functional, experienced and advanced training; implementation project planning and data auditing among other services.



  • Relevant configuration for data structure and data standard, validations and user security

  • Software functionalities (bundles) licensed for the particular data sets

  • User licensing per functionality

  • User training and application support

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