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Bleeding Edge Data Management


Coal Analysis and Benefaction

A coal project's mineral resource management relies on quality assurance in geological application software which processes complex primary geological and analytical data sets and produces many result sets.

The specialised application module CAB adds value to the primary data through ‘Coal Analysis and Beneficiation' (washability) functionality which predicts coal qualities subject to product cut-offs.


The existing coal software solution is smart, rugged and proven. It functions well for all manner of coal deposits, including Waterberg, Soutpansberg and Highveld coal fields.



  • Capture and storage of all types of coal-related data, including geological observations and interpretations, geophysics (eg LAS file data), images, reports and sampling details

  • Import and storage of a wide variety of analytical data for raw, screened, washed and composite fractions, including proximate qualities, coking properties, ash compositions, ash fusion temperatures, petrographic analyses, and many more

  • Comprehensive validation of both field and laboratory derived data sets

  • Auto-generated management views and reports to track progress of drilling project and result generation.

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  • Calculation of composites for raw or fractional data using a range of methods to determine selected samples (by horizon, depths, sequence, etc)

  • Dilution via user-defined substitutes (if required)

  • Generation of cumulated wash tables, with optional yield correction

  • Displaying and printing of wash curves

  • Multi-stage theoretical product beneficiation on RD, yield or quality criteria, using several interpolation formulae

  • Generation of standardised (regularised) wash tables for modelling



and extracting

  • Customised scaled graphical reports for any paper size (eg plotters) for use for correlation and sign-offs

  • Displaying and printing of wash curves

  • Easy extraction to file in appropriate format for modelling applications (eg. Minex, Surpac, etc) or other third-party software

  • Support for ODBC direct connectivity 

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