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The SABLE Support Centre is the hub of all of our activities.
It is the first point of communication for existing (and new) clients who need advice or assistance in the optimal use of SABLE software. Our help desk is on hand at all times to respond to your queries, via email, telephone (+27 11 476 1700) or fax (+27 11 476 9461), and is manned by knowledgeable professionals rather than call centre operators.
All issues are logged into a tracking system and are addressed within 24 hours. Reports of past and pending support issues can be produced on request. We can provide direct access to this system for monitoring purposes should clients request this facility.
Support Centre personnel are involved in all client implementations, and through this develop a clear understanding of how our sites operate as well as strong relationships with our users. We maintain a database of all our sites' configurations to assist us to address any problems with a minimum of hassle.
SABLE's training programmes are also run in collaboration with the Support Centre. 
SABLE has a thriving community of experienced users who are happy to share their knowledge and readily assist one another. To support this, we have developed an online forum to promote healthy debate and collaboration.
Finally, we have introduced a wiki-style Knowledge Base where both Support Centre personnel and users can search for answers, access reference material and, most importantly, all contribute to the growing body of knowledge.
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